Map Your Creative Life & Livelihood Virtual Event

Artists, Writers, Musicians & Other Creative Professionals:

your creativelife & livelihood

Map Your Creative Life & Livelihood

Virtual Event

Saturday, August 26th

10 AM – 3 PM Pacific Time


During This Working Event, You Will:

  • Connect With Your Purpose
  • Make Time For What Matters
  • Discover A Sustainable Creative Income
  • Create A Clear Plan To Build The Life You Seek
  • Receive A Bonus Private Creative Career Jumpstart Session


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$47 Thereafter

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The Dual Path: Managing A Creative Practice & A Creative Business/Career

Country Path Summer Forest

Saturday, May 6th

Denver, CO

ATTENTION: Working Artists, Writers, Musicians, Designers, Arts Administrators, Educators & Other Creative Professionals who are:

*Pulled between two competing parts of their life
*Overwhelmed by the to-do lists without the time and energy to FOCUS on any one thing
*Worried about compromising the quality of their work
*Starving their artistic practice or their creative business/career
*Longing for time for family, rest, recreation and self-care
*Feeling like they made a devil’s bargain in giving up so much in order to live a creative life
*Underenjoying their life
Join us to gain and employ:

*Strategies For Living A Balanced, Creative & Rewarding Life
*Their Personal Plan For An Integrated Dual Path Life
*Prioritizing Tools That Allow Them To Focus
*Zeroing In On The Most Effective Income That Will Complement Their Artistic Practice & The Overall Life They Seek
*Insight Into Valuing BOTH Their Creative Practice (so it doesn’t get booked over, ignored or take over like a petulant child) AND Their Creative Business/Career

*A 1-on-1 Jumpstart Session with Patricia after the workshop


This intimate roundtable of fellow motivated creative professionals and creative livelihood strategist, Patricia Morrison, is the perfect space in which to flesh out the dual life that feels relaxed, integrated, fun and right for you.

Saturday, May 6th

Denver, CO

RedLine Contemporary Art Center

11:30 AM- 3:30 PM

Lunch Included

Register By April 22nd For The Early-Bird Rate Of $37.

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The Business Of Art: Growing Into An Artist’s Life

Grow Into An Artist's Life

Sunday, April 30th

Noon- 5 PM

Sherbino Theater

604 Clinton St, Ridgway, Colorado

Hosted by Weehawken Creative Arts (and others)


Artists, Writers, Musicians & Other Creative Professionals:

Discover work/life balance that leads to more successful use of time and creativity.

This workshop will include how to:

  • Connect with your bigger artistic and life purpose
  • Make time for what matters & become a prioritizing pro
  • Create a clear plan so you know exactly what to do next
  • Get to know & find your true fans and perfect clients
  • Discover a sustainable income from your creative gifts
  • A bonus private Creative Career Jumpstart Session with Patricia for each participant after the workshop.


Tuition is $50. 

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Ditching The Starving Artist & Other Stories That No Longer Serve You: How To Build A Business With Your Creative Gifts

Book into butterflies and flowers

Saturday, April 22nd

10:30 AM- 1:30 PM (10:15 AM Check-In)

Medford, Oregon

Hosted by the SOU Small Business Development Center

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Artists, writers and musicians are often full of powerful visions and ideas. Knowing how to consistently bring those to fruition in a way that creates sustainable income as well as does good is a combination of changing the stories they believe and tell themselves as well as a set of practical learn-able skills and tools.


Come ditch the stories that are holding you back and create an actionable plan to turn your creative gifts and vision into a viable business so you can earn what you need, serve those who resonate with your work, and make a difference with your gifts.


Only $30 When You Register Early.  $50 thereafter.  Learn more & register here.

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Create Your Year Virtual Event

create-your-year-graphic-jan-2016-850x476Writers, Artists, Musicians, Creative Professionals, Entrepreneurs…

Step into a clear, creative and compelling 2017 with practical and fun processes to:
-Map out your income (in new innovative and simpler ways)
-Enjoy time and energy for your creative practice, your income-producing work AND your family
-Prioritize your projects

In short, the perfect place to plan a creative life that you love for 2017. Walk away from this event with clarity, confidence and plans in hand.


Create Your Year Virtual Event

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

10 AM- 3 PM Pacific Time / 1 PM – 6 PM Eastern Time

(Recording available for registered participants only)

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Only $37 if you Register BEFORE 5 PM Pacific Time / 8 PM Eastern on Friday, January 6th PLUS receive a private jumpstart session with Patricia to get your year off on the right foot.

“Since working with Patricia Morrison, I have found more than clarity. I have found a way to work through my anxieties and sense of overwhelm, and also have learned tools to help keep me organized, focused and on purpose. I have thoroughly enjoyed our working together!”
-Marci Geller, Singer/Songwriter
Register Here:
$47 After January 6th
“Meeting Patricia was like chocolate meeting peanut butter—I already brought creativity and commitment to my craft, but she brought the big-picture strategies and business sensibilities to synergize my work into something successfully shared with the world. She has helped me shift my mentality from that of a starving amateur to a respected professional.”
-Nancy Stohlman, author and lead singer of Kinky Mink

Register Here:

Also includes prep work and suggested materials, with the opportunity for spotlight coaching focused on your particular situation!

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Prepare To Relax While Your Creative Projects & Dreams Prepare To Leap Forward!

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I’m grateful for you!
Yes, YOU, with all your brilliant ideas and half-finished projects.  Your big plans, mad skills, and sensitive soul.  Your inner critic who yells a little too loudly and much too often.  Your deeply rooted desire to make the world a better place, to empower, inspire, and educate.
And, I’m ready to see you succeed boldly, confidently, wildly!
To that end, check out this 3 video series about preparing your creative projects, dreams, business, and/or vision to take a big leap forward, so you can RELAX (for a change) and enjoy the holidays knowing you’ve got this handled and your family will be proud and you’ll be proud and you’ll finally be doing what you’re here on this planet to do.
Wouldn’t that be relaxing?
Who else needs to relax among your brilliant creative friends?  Share these videos with them, too, OK?
Winslow Homer painting, "In The Hammock"

Vacation or Retreat? What restoration do you need?

Winslow Homer painting, "In The Hammock"

Now is a great time to discover what kind of restoration you really need before summer is over. Use this simple guide to choose between 3 options and let me know how it goes, OK?


1. Vacation


If you feel:

  • Content with the direction of your life
  • Sleepy, tired, worn out
  • Ready to reconnect with people you care about



Plan ahead, since much of the joy of a vacation is in the anticipation, although even a last-minute weekend getaway can do the trick
What to do:

  • Focus on rest and enjoying being with the people you are vacationing with, rather than packing a full schedule.
  • Hint: you can certainly vacation alone, but if you really want solitude, one of the other two options may be a better fit.
  • Reading, sleeping, walking/hiking, talking, eating, doing puzzles are all great options.
  • If you are going someplace with great sites to see, focus on one or two highlights and then let the rest be based on what you feel like doing each day. Leave to-do lists at home.


Where to go:
It’s up to you, but make sure the amount of travel time/ travel hassle is worth it for the time you’ll be away. Strive to have as much time just being there as possible.

Creativity Now Retreat Wordle
2.  Retreat
If you feel:

  • Discouraged, stuck, uninspired, or like you forgot how to care
  • Prickly, fragile, overwhelmed, or on the verge of depression
  • Lost in transition, unclear about what’s next, in need of perspective
  • Detached from your true self, soul, spiritual life, nature
  • Disorganized, unfocused, or ineffective



  • Most retreat centers and guided retreats have their best rates well in advance and planning ahead will give you a sense of calm right away, but even a couple of weeks or a month ahead, you can often find a retreat with space and reasonable rates.
  • Retreats don’t have to be long to provide a real recharge.  If you can’t get away for a week, an extended weekend will work well.  Even a Friday night and Saturday can do wonders.


What to do:

  • If you are attending a facilitated retreat, there will be activities planned and meals provided.  Always use your own best judgement about what you need.  You can certainly attend some things and keep to yourself when needed.  Some retreats even have solo time built in.
  • The outcomes of a retreat can be powerful and they are almost always internal.  Instead of going with a goal to finish a project, open yourself to making inward leaps and bounds so you can go home and have everything work better.


Where to go:

  • For an unguided solo experience, camping, a friend’s unoccupied house or cabin, or a religious retreat center can be a great way to have quiet time at a reasonable cost
  • For a guided and supported experience, reach out to facilitators, guides, and mentors you trust.  Many of them may already lead retreats and would be happy for you to attend.
  • Delaine Due, art therapist & founder of People’s Art & I lead two Creativity Now! retreats each year, the fall one in Southern OR, September 25th-28th and the spring one in Santa Fe, NM, April 16th-19th, 2015.


Retreat Group
3.  Engage
If you feel:

  • Antsy, anxious, or impatient
  • You have an urgent need that needs to be addressed (professional, income, relationship, health, or other vital need)
  • You know where you are headed, but aren’t sure how to get there

  • Don’t let the anxiety build.  Reach out.  Assess several programs to see what is the best fit for you and then step bravely into a commitment that will support long-term growth and change.
What to do:

  • If you have multiple urgent needs and goals, look to see which one might put you back on stable footing to deal with the rest, if it got attention right away.
Where to go:

  • Again, this is about relationship and trust.  Begin within.  Commit to yourself that you are ready to make a change and that you will stick with that commitment by investing time, belief and money (wisely, of course).
  • Instead of surfing the web randomly, start with those mentors, guides, and trusted advisors you know.  If they don’t offer what you need, they will guide you in the right direction.
  • Click here to claim a Creative Clarity Jumpstart with me, if you’d like some direction.

What Spring Flowers Teach Us

Lanterns & Spring Flowers

It has turned to a wildly flowering spring here in Southern Oregon. At the same time, some very dear people in my universe have passed on.


Taken together, these events are a reminder of why we are here and inspire me to follow the example of the spring flowers.


Bloom Now!


What if you bloomed like crazy now, before you’re certain you have it figured out, before it is perfect, before you have the credentials, time, money?


What if you were forsythia and cherry?


What if you shared and sold and valued the gifts you have, your passions, your art now, in the springtime, without worrying about what summer and fall will bring?


Because, sometimes there is an early frost and we don’t get the luxury of bearing full fruit. Wouldn’t it be better to be remembered for your flowers than to pass away without any glimpse of your true beauty reaching the world?


“The Days Are Long, But The Years Are Short”
-Gretchen Rubin


So, don’t delay in getting started.  Another thing to remember is that, while people often overestimate what can be done in a short time, they also underestimate what can be done over a long time. This is the power of beginning and spending some time each day, week, or month on a project.


Everyday people have amassed fortunes, art collections, bodies of artwork, gorgeous gardens, cookbooks full of recipes, albums of photographs, basements full of canned goods, thousands of songs, and other kinds of wealth, simply by building it and working on it a little at a time.


What do you want to create?


Start now and set aside time each day, week, or month for the next year.


Let me know how it goes!


Please share this with a friend who might be stuck in tight bud stage and needs a nudge to open up and bloom!


If you know you would be more courageous, focused, & effective with some structure and support, click here to be in touch, so we can schedule some time to help you determine your best next steps.