Meg Hayertz, Author & Creative Block Remover


In just a few months, Patricia helped me turn my part-time gig into a profitable business. Patricia is accessible, pragmatic, and supportive. Best of all, she understands the way my artist mind works, and has helped me build a life that affirms my creativity. I’m very grateful to have participated in the Love Your Livelihood program!

–Meg Hayertz
Tarot For Your Art
Unlock Creative Blocks, Connect Deeply with Inspiration, & Finish Your Project!

Briget Boyle, Musician

“I had the pleasure of working with Patricia in the Dream-to-Done program and I am happy to report that I have officially launched my first program, Unleash Your Voice. I was able to enroll 16 people in the first series and I could not be happier about it.

“Patricia helped me see the value in the work I do, offered my guidance in shaking off negative self talk, and helped me shape the vision for my workshops and teaching. The elements in the Dream-to-Done program, including the group-calls and one-on-one sessions were golden and made me feel like I am not alone on this professional development journey. Patricia is smart, level-headed, and has the ability to think big, while being realistic. She helped me see that I can shape my professional life and that I no longer have to be stuck.”

-Briget Boyle, Musician

Andrea Clark Mason, Author

Andrea Clark Mason, Author
When I joined the Everyday Matters Program in October, I was successful at publishing short pieces but had not had success at publishing a full-length manuscript, or book.  I was hoping to find out what was in my way and how the program could support me in finishing and publishing a book.  I am happy to say I have been sending out a finished manuscript to potential publishers since March.  I feel more confident and proud of my work than I ever have before.

Les Cowley- Musician, Songwriter, Painter

“Patricia Morrison of Inner Fire, Outer Light – has inspired me; gently challenged me;  given me validation; encouragement (with emphasis on “courage”) to pursue this creative life. How does she do that? What is her gift? … I don’t know the answers to these questions .… but I do know this: I’m so glad to have sought and received her help. Thank you Patricia – I’m looking forward to talking with you again.”


Les Cowley

Musician, Songwriter, Painter

Ryan Morris- Singer/Songwriter

I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted from my artistic life. I was frustrated and music wasn’t fun anymore. Patricia’s retreat provided me with the resources to discover what was blocking me and feel positive and content with my muse. I recommend it to anyone whose energy is stuck and frustrated.


-Ryan Morris


Dr. Giavanni Washington- Healer, Rhythm Facilitator

Before I had my “$10000 Cash Infusion Session” with Patricia, my healing practice was partially filled, I felt like I wasn’t fully serving the clients that I did have, and I wasn’t generating enough income.  Patricia revolutionized my business in the space of a single call.  With her expert coaching and keen ability to hear what matters, she helped me create a package that seamlessly combined distinct services so that my clients could truly be supported through their healing transitions.


4-days after our call, I sold my first $4500, 5-month package.  Over the next several weeks, I sold 2 more packages.   In the 6-months since that call I have sold nearly $40,000 worth of a fabulous and effective package designed by Patricia.   My clients are better served, I have evidence that I can effectively earn, and I now have a waiting list for new clients!

Giavanni Washington,  PhD

Principal Facilitator

Norma Hollis: Speaker, Trainer, Authentic Voice Doctor

norma_hollis_199x300$29K from one conversation!

“After [Patricia’s] brief time with me, I modified her suggestion a bit and closed a $12,000 client the next day, another $12,000 a week later and a $5,000 that will finalize later this week.
Patricia helped me see that by putting my creative attention on my ‘assignment’ I was focusing on long-term success. As soon as she helped me recognize that I was not putting my attention on the present, I was able to easily shift my thinking and behaviors and create a new way of manifesting. The results speak for themselves.”



[This was as a part of Patricia’s work in collaboration with Melissa McFarlane in her role as lead coach for Creative Successful Entrepreneurs’ Play Big Business Club]