The Dual Path: Managing A Creative Practice & A Creative Business/Career

Country Path Summer Forest

Saturday, May 6th

Denver, CO

ATTENTION: Working Artists, Writers, Musicians, Designers, Arts Administrators, Educators & Other Creative Professionals who are:

*Pulled between two competing parts of their life
*Overwhelmed by the to-do lists without the time and energy to FOCUS on any one thing
*Worried about compromising the quality of their work
*Starving their artistic practice or their creative business/career
*Longing for time for family, rest, recreation and self-care
*Feeling like they made a devil’s bargain in giving up so much in order to live a creative life
*Underenjoying their life
Join us to gain and employ:

*Strategies For Living A Balanced, Creative & Rewarding Life
*Their Personal Plan For An Integrated Dual Path Life
*Prioritizing Tools That Allow Them To Focus
*Zeroing In On The Most Effective Income That Will Complement Their Artistic Practice & The Overall Life They Seek
*Insight Into Valuing BOTH Their Creative Practice (so it doesn’t get booked over, ignored or take over like a petulant child) AND Their Creative Business/Career

*A 1-on-1 Jumpstart Session with Patricia after the workshop


This intimate roundtable of fellow motivated creative professionals and creative livelihood strategist, Patricia Morrison, is the perfect space in which to flesh out the dual life that feels relaxed, integrated, fun and right for you.

Saturday, May 6th

Denver, CO

RedLine Contemporary Art Center

11:30 AM- 3:30 PM

Lunch Included

Register By April 22nd For The Early-Bird Rate Of $37.

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Where Is Love Leading You In 2015?

Led by Love_Rumi
Join us to delve into where love, passion, creativity, and/or spirit are leading you in 2015 and how best to follow.

Led By Love 2015 is the VIRTUAL mini-retreat accessible anywhere and also a live 1-day retreat in Ashland, Oregon.

Tuesday, January 27th (anywhere online and recorded, if you can’t join us live online)
Saturday, January 31st, Live in Ashland, Oregon



-Are discerning the focus of your next phase in life
-Want to be led by love in your life
-Know where are you being called, but don’t have any idea how to get there
-Are led to share your vision and voice as your livelihood
-Have a dozen great ideas a day, but aren’t sure how to bring them to life
-Are straddling the need to earn income with your desire to follow your heart

In This Retreat You Will:

-Discern where love is leading you
-Develop a map of best next steps to follow that pull
-Prioritize your ideas and plans so you can focus
-Discover where income and your leading/vision intersect, so you CAN follow your heart
-Meet heart-centered friends who will accompany you on the journey

It will be chock full of engaging creative hands-on activities and deepening reflections that will help you gain clarity, focus, direction, and a clear sense of how to go about faithfully following the lead of love towards a life that serves both you and the hungry world.

Includes BONUS participation in the AM Adventures online program for 2 months! Boost your creativity, focus, energy, and fitness within a safe fun group of fellow creatives.