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Love Your Livelihood Creative Career Jumpstart

A cohort-based 4-month group program that gives you a firm foundation to share your creative gifts and be valued for them, either in the context of a creative business or as a freelance/working artist.  The training in this program is included within all the other programs as well.


This program begins soon! Click here for details.

Creative Career Growth Program

A year of support, training, 1-on-1 coaching and community to grow your creative career to the next level of integration, income and impact.

By application only.  Click here to request an application.


Creative Career Mastery Program


Creative Career Mastery is a powerful and effective 12-month program for professional level creatives and artists who are ready to live more integrated lives in which their gifts are consistently rewarded with sustainable income as well as having the time, energy and focus to enjoy their lives.

Creatives who are tired of inconsistent or insufficient income, feeling scattered, pulled in many directions, overworked and under-recognized as well as underpaid, having decades of experience and still spinning their wheels, looking successful from the outside, but not feeling that way inside, having millions of great ideas they can’t bring to fruition because they’re too busy paying the bills, wearing many hats in their career, leaving their destiny under the control of others (who offer gigs, etc.).

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And who seek sovereignty, freedom, control over income, grown-up income, creative gifts and passions recognized and appreciated, change people’s lives, integrated life, free up time to spend finishing big creative projects, feel successful inside and out, a chance to settle down, buy a house, have kids, find a partner, become focused, confident, & happy.


Creative Career Mastery is a process designed to help working artists and professional creatives to design and create the integrated life they want, with support to build their business and artistic career income while growing to become the artists and people they want to be in the world.




We regularly offer workshops and other live events throughout the country.  Request an upcoming schedule here or check on our Facebook Page.

Retreat Group

Deep Dive Days, Breakthrough Sessions &

The $10,000 Creative Cash Infusion Session:

Most people need and want an extended time to work together, but a few people want to begin with a single Deep Dive Day, Breakthrough Session or $10,000 Creative Cash Infusion Session.  These can be scheduled separately.  Click here to inquire.


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We host live and virtual retreats on a regular basis to support the inner work that allows everything else to flow in your creative, professional, and personal life.  Click here to learn more.

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